Ticket for Sleaze N’ Roll Festival!

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Here’s the ticket from the first Sleaze n’ Roll festival that took place yesterday (15/Oct/2016) @Second Skin club. More about the show on the next Amphetamine Blues mag (No#04) that will come out in a few months.

The Greek Kokoretsi is fiesta of meat n’ roll!

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The famous Greek ‘kokoretsi’. Meat made by animal intestines stuffed with liver, lungs, hearts and spices.

Equal to rock n roll. Vegans worst nightmare.

New Vinyl in: BAT, High Spirits & Bible Of The Devil

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My order from HIGH ROLLER records just arrived. Thrash-o-punk metal outfit BAT and their debut album ‘Wings Of Chains’, the third album, ‘Motivator’ from high energy hard rock and heavy metal band HIGH SPIRITS and Read more…

Banging heads and sweaty moshpits. destroyer 666 Live @ Kyttaro Club

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Tommorow I’m gonna pump up the volume a bit. Australian’s black, death metal outfit destroyer 666 are coming to town for one show of sweat, headbanging and deadly moshpits. I will ‘tell’ you how it was in the next Amphetamine Blues issue No #04 in a few months ofcourse.


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Got this lot of four singles by Slade, The Sweet, Kansas and Marillion for the 2,25? each. They actually don’t worth more than that but they are cool singles and in a good condition.

MARILION (EMI ?? 1C 006 20 0638 7) / Tracklist: A.Kayleigh /  B.Lady Nina
SLADE (Polydor ?? 2058 492) / Tracklist: A.The Bangin’ Man / B.She Did It To Me
SLADE (Polydor ?? 2058 377) / Tracklist: A.Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me / B.Kill ‘Em At The Hot Club Tonite
KANSAS (Kirshner ?? KIR 9062) / Tracklist: A.Hold On / B.Don’t Open Your Eyes

Lee Moses ‘Time And Place’ album re-issue

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Originally released in ’71, at last this deep soul beauty got the re-issue it deserved. I was searching for years to get it on my hands but the damn thing was up to Read more…

Grinder Magazine

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Got this excellent ‘zine as a gift the other day. ‘Grinder’ is one of the longest running (since the 90’s) underground magazines to come from Santiago,Chile. This it’s first issue in English, released sometime in 2014. Read more…

The Hellacopters ‘Beamed Into Deep Space!’ comicbook

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Officially licenced by the Hellacopters, ‘Beamed Into Deep Space’ is a comic book by Francis Rove, issued sometime in 2002. I can’t tell you how like I was with this one. I was surfing ebay for stuff and I came across an auction of this lil’ beauty. Read more…

New vinyl in. Heavy Tiger ‘Saigon Kiss’

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Got this at a local store. Never expecting to find it, as, underground stuff like this never make it at mainstream music store, I was super excited. These ladies over here (Heavy Tiger) come from the north, cold Sweden but they ‘play’ sweet worming rock n roll as the Runaways did years a go. Read more…

Ziggy Stardust through five amazing buttons!

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David Bowie will live forever in our Hearts, Jackets, Hats and All Star shoes through these amazing buttons/badges.

Get them from here and here!


It’s time to buy some buttons. Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, the Dictators, Heavy Metal Kids, Hollywood Brats and more!

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Here’s 8′ brand new proto-punk, proto-glam and rock n’ roll badges/buttons from the likes of NY DOLLS, LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH, HEAVY METAL KIDS, the DICTATORS, HOLLYWOOD BRATS, the DEAD BOYS, the CRYBABYS and ofcourse HANOI ROCKS. 

You can purchase them from here! along with other superb badges/buttons!

Here’s some loot I gained during the past month.

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I have been working my ass off making the new Amphetamine Blues issue, No04 and had no time for blogging. The issue is halfway there, full of interviews, reviews and great stuff. Just wait a lil’ bit.  Anyway, I’ve bought some new albums the last past months and here’s some of them. Bought them during sales and saved a serious amount of money. Read more…

Turbonegro @ Rockwave Festival 5/Jun/2016

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Here are some cool photos I’ve taken from the TURBONEGRO concert @ Rockwave Festival on 5/Jun/2016 near Athens,Greece. More photos from the current show plus a gig review on the next amphetamine blues issue No#04 in a few months. Hold your horses.

Black Trip – Shadowline

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I had a blast with their debut album, ?Going Under?, but this one, their second, ?Shadowline?, is  a fiesta of everything rock n roll. Starting from Thin Lizzy and Rory Gallagher and adding a slight touch of the Hellacopters, their references are expanding to everything that smells seventies. These guys can really compose some really timeless music – as rock n roll has always been. Timeless.

Blacklist Union – Back To Mono

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Ok for my taste. This is it. This is how zleazoid rock n roll should sound like. Dangerous, sexy and shaking. I like all their previous releases (?Till Death Do Us Part, Breaking Bread With The Devil? and ?After The Mourning?) but with ?Back To Mono?, they nailed it – and I think they nailed it to an extend of reaching their own limits. I don’t know if the future will prove me wrong, but I don’t think they’re gonna make another one like this one, if they do I will personally ask for their forgiveness. In other words, ?Back To Mono? is so damn good. It breathes the air of ?Appetite For Destruction? and that?s no no exaggeration, plus I heard a lot of Backcherry and Vain stuff on their music. Recommended.


Horrific – Your Worst Nightmare (2009)

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With a cover like this I couldn?t resist checking this album out. I was expecting something horror-ish and total metal or punk. My curiosity totally paid off.

Horrific are one man band. Slasher Dave is behind them and handles everything on this album. This guy, Dave, who is also a member of Acid Witch, is a hell of an artist. He?s a musician, a graphic designer and he makes soundtracks for horror films. ?Your Worst Nightmare?,  will not torment your mind. Basic heavy metal, kind of monotonous in times with death metal vocals. Despite the average song writing and synthesis this album offers a lot of remarkable moments on the guitar parts, offering dozens of cool solos and riffs. Worth checking out!


The Carburetors – Laughing In The Face Of Death (2015).

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Leather jackets, black jeans, sunglasses in the middle of the night and high octane rock n? roll – that?s what is all about for the Norwegian sensation that goes under the name The Carburetors. This is their 4th album to date and things remain intact, as their anthemic, punky, rock n? roll with it?s strong hooks and powerful sound still goes on. The collaboration with Geir Bratland and Shargath on ?Die Like Heroes? and ?Lords of Thunder? is a nice treat.